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Kaneki Ken by Kapitan-Ubel Kaneki Ken :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 0 Chilly Water by Kapitan-Ubel Chilly Water :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 0 Chilly Water by Kapitan-Ubel Chilly Water :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0 Faberge ~ The Beauty of a Troubled Mind by Kapitan-Ubel
Mature content
Faberge ~ The Beauty of a Troubled Mind :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 2
The Dirty South... by Kapitan-Ubel The Dirty South... :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0 Timeline by Kapitan-Ubel Timeline :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 3 0 Despair Bound by Kapitan-Ubel
Mature content
Despair Bound :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 1
Crystalline Love
He can often be found drifting unawares in the past,
Reminiscing on the faraway lands he has seen last.
He prefers serenades of Sinatra while his drink pours,
And laughs loudly while sipping a red sea from crystal shores.
He looks up to the philosophers with ancient ideas
And admires a man with a mind much greater than his.
The melodies of reeds and the plucking of cello strings
Are his favorite sounds, besides when his church choir sings.
He has an affluent diction that's not yet been surpassed,
Yet a word as simple as "love" is so carelessly cast.
He makes his intentions clear, but his desires unknown,
And amongst many close friends, he appears oddly alone.
She can often be found drifting grievously in the past,
Reminiscing on the days in which his arms held her fast.
She misses the break in his voice when he whispered "I'm yours",
And cries softly while sipping a red sea from crystal shores.
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0
Lying Beneath the Sea
Whispers beneath smooth folds of moonlight
slip into clairvoyant reality as a passionate sigh.
Smoothly as his finger tips hidden from sight
beneath the valley of sensation, they slide.  
Star lights dance from the windows to the walls
with every open and close these panes of glass bestow,
but their light never illuminates wherever they fall
quite as brightly as the heavens they hung below.
I couldn't hear the sounds that rose from the Sea
who whispered silent poems I misunderstood.
Yet his flowing waves, as they gently rocked me,
filled my ears with warm waters so that I could.  
Roots intertwine as their mounting energy flows;
they die in unison, tangled in passionate throes.  
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0
Ideal Distortion
And It felt as though (I'm flawed)
it was as close as I could get
to being held in the arms of God.
I was awed.  
It didn't matter that Heaven wasn't there
- wasn't surrounding you.  
I think I would rather go nowhere.  
I swear.
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0
C'est la Vie
There is a sort of inner struggle;
figuratively, an inner batallion
standing boldly as their stallions
facing into the high North...
Something has to pass by, when
looking up; eventually somewhere...
Swiftly as most halfhearted affairs,
Waving goodbye as it arrives.
Squinting against the beaming sun...
it's easy to miss heartwarming smiles
that won't cycle back for awhile...
because they now feel disdained.
Hurdles will be overcome; naturally...
eyes will adjust to such powerful lights.
So, keep looking upwards until the night
falls into your lap, and melts away into
As bright as the reflection in your eyes
when I passed you by and you looked away.
So... "Good luck, my friend and I must say...
this is the last rhyme I will send your way."
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0
I stepped out of the light to meet an angel made of ash
as he drew in a poisoned breath of air from a narrow stick
fabricated from things which slowly bring ruin to men;
tools unintended to rein in our souls.  Commonly mistaken
is death, as foolishness, accident, addiction, and disease.
Such a vulnerable moment should be one recorded in history,
and this "carpe diem" of days - a rite of passage - very well may be,
imprinted at least in our minds as I play out the fools play, which
feels more like a puppet show as the woven strings drag me along,
clearly directing me towards taking a long drag myself.  
Reaching out my hand, did I submit to the peace which he offers,
a Solace for the Soul which slowly debilitates and impairs?
I don't care, because he's beautiful and so is the concept.
Humans normally aren't able to breathe through a straw,
much less live through one, which is funny considering...
It dies in a matter of minutes,
and I can feel myself taking on its sic
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 0 0
She garbs herself in leaves
because their touch is nearly bare
and she seeks to entice and suffice
in a man venturing here or there.
Verily she is said to creep
and crouch low in scanty brush
with spreaded lips and eyes a' glisten
feigning an innocent blush.
They call her the Witch of the Wood
and the Mistress of Misguided Men
She's a serpent in smooth skin
menacingly misunderstood.
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 0
Unspoken Words by Kapitan-Ubel Unspoken Words :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 2 0
I want to tell him that I love him,
that I want to see his smile every day.
I want him to know that I lie to him,
with every cruel sentence that I say.
I want to make eye contact with him,
so I can return the softness in his gaze...
I want it to show, what I think of him,
but It doesn't seem his focus ever stays.
I want to apologize for staying so near,
for finding it so hard to stay away.
I want him to make it very clear,
that It's over, and he will never sway.
I want him to know that it's just fear,
when I ask him to say such a thing...
I want him to say what I love to hear,
the words that make my heart sing...
I want to support him through those days,
when he's busy and he just can't get away.
I want to wait for him on those nights
when he needs a drink and dim bar lights.
I want to hold his hands and his heart
and swear that from him, I'd never part.
I want to let him know though I may go far,
that he'll always be the brightest star.
I want him to know t
:iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 0
Shades of Gray by Kapitan-Ubel
Mature content
Shades of Gray :iconkapitan-ubel:Kapitan-Ubel 1 2

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My profession is my life. Art is that high-pitched voice in the back of my head that sometimes grabs hold of my heartstrings and makes me draw things. I can't fight it forever, I love art!


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